Benefits to Reserve Collection Members

What is a Private Residence Club?
A Private Residence Club (PRC) is a luxury real estate investment typically located in elite destinations such as Whistler, Aspen, Tuscany or Napa. Buyers enjoy care-free vacation home ownership at a fraction of the cost of wholly-owned second homes. Not to be confused with a timeshare or a points-based vacation plan the Reserve Collection ownership offers value along with the possibility of appreciation in the burgeoning Okanagan wine region or Western Canada.

The membership at a PRC functions like that of a private equity golf and country club and can be compared to joint ownership of jet aircraft - the maintenance costs and use of an expensive asset is shared.

For example, you may purchase a one-eighth share of a $2 million luxury home at a cost of $250,000. Then as an owner, you will receive six weeks annual use spread across the calendar year. The remaining four weeks may be booked by owners on a first-come basis or may be used for maintenance.

What does it mean to own a luxury home in a vineyard?
True oenophiles want to integrate luxury vacation experiences with the art of winemaking, the appeal of “knowing the winemaker” and home ownership in some of the world’s most beautiful settings.

What are the benefits of vineyard lifestyle?
Reserve Collection members will be “top of the list”, having access to private barrel tastings, exclusive winemaker dinners and the purchase of new releases before anyone else.

Reserve Collection homeowners may also participate in the winemaking process, assisting the vineyard crew in tending, pruning, picking and crushing.

Members also have access to a private wine consultant, available to assist in planning a personal wine collection and selecting unique wine-related lifestyle products.

Owners of Reserve Collection homes will enjoy five-star concierge services such as pre-arrival grocery shopping, airport pick-up, wine selection, vacation activity planning and much, much more.

Does the purchase include the winery or vineyard?
Owners are not purchasing either the winery or the vineyard, instead they are participating in the magical journey the grape takes getting from the vine to the glass without the financial, labour and other responsibilities of vineyard ownership.

Are Owners limited to staying only at their Reserve Collection property?
Upon the purchase of a Reserve Collection home, owners also become members of the Elite Alliance, allowing them the ability to exchange usage through a growing array of luxurious worldwide ski, golf and beach destinations.
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